20 Reasons to Tile

Make the ground you have more productive.

  1. Higher yields and improved crop qualitywet field
  2. Faster soil warm-up
  3. Less compaction
  4. Larger, deeper roots
  5. Better soil aeration
  6. More favorable environment for beneficial soil microorganisms
  7. Less yield variation for more dependable cash
  8. More days of machinery operation
  9. Allows earlier planting
  10. Better soil structure
  11. Increases yield in dry years
  12. Lowers nitrogen losses
  13. Consistent seed stands
  14. Removes toxins
  15. Less erosion
  16. One-time expense
  17. Profit at the top end
  18. Lower drying costs
  19. Lowers break-even price per bushel
  20. Lower machinery cost
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